M.L. King EAST Students Are KTHV Community Heroes


M.L. King EAST Students Are KTHV Community Heroes
8/15/2013 4:56:35 PM

Knitting caps for ACH preemies puts EAST students in the news.

On March 30, students Mallory and Mary were interviewed by Craig O’Neill for Hero Central on KTHV about their EAST project. It all started when Mary and Mallory put together their knitting skills for a GT economics project, knitting bookmarks. Mallory later had the idea to knit baby hats for Arkansas Children’s Hospital, which Mary suggested they make an EAST project. They have been knitting, crocheting and looming baby hats ever since, with a number of students and teachers joining to help. On April 21, ACH accepted 72 hats contributed by the project. 

When asked how it felt to make the hats, both girls said it was a great experience and that it felt really good to help someone else. They hope to continue the activity and have already recruited 4th graders to take over the project next year. If you are interested in obtaining hand-made baby hats, contact Tela at kingeast@gaggle.net or deidre.williams@lrsd.org (Attn: KFN) or call 501-447-5135.

Watch the interview at: http://www.todaysthv.com/life/community/herocentral/story.aspx?storyid=101940&catid=314.



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