Monticello Project Finds Community Support


Monticello Project Finds Community Support
11/16/2017 1:51:06 PM

A year ago, Monticello Middle School EAST students Jackson White and Zach Jones had an idea to foster a love of fishing among students. Their primary focus was fostering that love of fishing among their classmates with disabilities and making the activity accessible.

The two young men came up with the project idea to construct a handicap-accessible dock on the campus pond. They made numerous contacts to get ideal specifications, created CAD designs of the dock, printed 3D models of their design, presented to the Monticello School Board and raised more than $5,000, which made the project fully funded. 


The next step in the process will be the purchase of the materials and the actual construction of the dock.  Monticello Middle School offered credit and thanks to Chris Bryant State Farm, Campbell Global, LLC and the community of Monticello for supporting the project.  



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