Summer Seminar 2017


Summer Seminar 2017
7/20/2017 11:21:33 AM

Next week the EAST Initiative will host facilitators from its network of nearly 250 schools spread across four states for a three-day Summer Seminar, which offers professional development, networking and social events.

The seminar is preceded by a one-day Tech Camp that offers participants hands-on training in the cutting-edge technology being deployed in EAST classrooms.


This year’s events are being held July 25-28 at the Little Rock Airport Holiday Inn.


“While our focus for Summer Seminar is always offering the highest quality professional instruction, it also takes on the feel of a family reunion for us,” said Matt Dozier, president and CEO of the EAST Initiative. “We are a close group spread out in a wide network, and Summer Seminar is a rare chance for us to get together and compare notes.”


The gathering is important professionally, Dozier added, because EAST facilitators are often unique in what they do within a school or district.


“The EAST classroom is a unique place in the school. In a general subject area, teachers can often talk through ideas and different approaches with colleagues down the hall who are doing the same thing they are. EAST facilitators usually don’t have that opportunity during the school year, so Summer Seminar offers a rare chance for them to network with peers who are also doing EAST day in and day out.”


More than 70 different breakout sessions will be offered during the 2017 Summer Seminar covering topics such as technology integration, classroom management, grant writing, community outreach and much more. A tour of local industry, a new addition to Tech Camp this year, offers a chance to see technology application in the workplace. In addition, the seminar will feature an exhibition area for technology demonstrations and hands-on instruction called the Playground. The seminar also features evening social activities for participants to network and “catch up,” and even offers a chance for attendees to win prizes.


“We’ve been planning this event since last summer to make it not just informative for our facilitators, but also entertaining and fun,” said Jessica Dunham, events manager for EAST. “We hope our facilitators learn a lot and get energized for the year to come, but we want them to have a good time doing it, too.”



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