Get Started at Your School

Following are answers to some of the common FAQs about getting started with EAST.

How can I get an EAST program at my school?

Step 1: Form an exploratory group and email or call the EAST Initiative at 501-371-5016 for more information.

Step 2: For Arkansas public schools, attend an EAST Vision Building Workshop. This is an informational meeting describing the EAST model and outlining the process of applying for funding. The workshop also provides an opportunity for questions and answers.

Step 3: Build a local support base and commit funds. Taking the information you have received, build a consensus among your school district decision makers (building and district level administration, faculty, counselors, tech staff and students). If all are in agreement, fund allocation or fundraising can begin.

Step 4: Submit the EAST Statement of Assurances and arrange for a site visit. The Statement of Assurances states the expectations of the EAST Initiative for all local programs. Signing indicates a commitment to implement the program using the EAST Initiative approved model and best practices. Following signing of the Assurances, a representative of the EAST Initiative and/or the Arkansas Department of Education will visit the school and answer any further questions.

Who owns the equipment and products?

The equipment is the property of the school district or program, along with any products produced in the EAST classes. The school district is responsible for maintenance, updates and upgrades of the equipment.

Can other classes or departments use the EAST classroom?

The EAST classroom is designed to be a resource for the school and the community. Use of classroom resources for other areas of the school is encouraged. However, the EAST program is designed to be a stand-alone class and concurrent use of the EAST classroom with other classes is discouraged. The most successful EAST programs have offered an EAST class during each period throughout the day.

How much does it cost to implement EAST?

The cost to implement the program may be broken into 3 categories: infrastructure, technology and training/support.

Infrastructure: Allocation of one full-time employee (EAST facilitator) plus costs of wiring and furniture for an empty classroom and cost of travel to training activities and classroom consumables.

Technology: Equipment costs are continually being negotiated by the EAST Initiative. Software and equipment costs are covered for recipients of the Arkansas Department of Education’s EAST grant. Non-Arkansas Public Schools provide their own funding for those items.

Training and Support: A portion of Training and Support costs (for initial 2-year period) is covered for recipients of the Arkansas Department of Education’s EAST grant. Non-Arkansas Public Schools must provide their own funding.

What type of training and support is available?

Following are some of the services provided by the EAST Initiative:

  • Access to web-based support including forums, technical support (help ticket) system and downloadable resource documents
  • Three phases of pedagogical training for teacher-facilitator
  • Student technical training
  • At least one on-site evaluation by EAST site support team
  • Emergency on-site technical support in the case of a catastrophic event
  • Technical help-desk support by phone
  • Technical consultation on request
  • Training for replacement facilitators


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